My Kind of Summer

It’s funny how I consider the library as my second home. I’ve been spending the whole 12 months here except during special holidays. Yes- I just said 12 months and I mean it. I’m supposed to spend my summer relaxing at the beach and going to places I’ve always wanted to visit just like how others spend their summer. But, nah! That’s impossible. I have summer class and as much as I want to relax and enjoy, I can’t. 

But, let us try to look at the brighter and positive side of having a summer class. My program (BS-Accountancy) is for 5years and that already includes mandatory summer classes. For 10-semesters & 3-summer classes, I have to strive hard and do well in my studies. Well, I have to do it for the sake of my future. As a student, I truly know the importance of education and I won’t trade a lifetime happiness for just a temporary summer getaway. 

So, may you have a memorable summer experience. Enjoy! 🙂 


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