SHINee World The Best 2017 ~From Now On~

I was just looking at my calendar to confirm the date for today when I stumble upon the schedule of SHINee for their Japan concert this February 2018. As I saw the schedule I plotted, I am again reminded of the happiness I felt the time this was announced to us and the current gloomy… Continue reading SHINee World The Best 2017 ~From Now On~


SHINee Merch♡

hey there! 👋 it's been a long time since I last posted, how are you? I am posting today coz I can't wait for my pearl aqua stuffs to arrive. 💙  yohooo! Fact: Whenever I see pearl aqua things, I just can't stop myself not to buy. I literally bleed pearl aqua hahaha  Have a… Continue reading SHINee Merch♡

My Kind of Summer

It's funny how I consider the library as my second home. I've been spending the whole 12 months here except during special holidays. Yes- I just said 12 months and I mean it. I'm supposed to spend my summer relaxing at the beach and going to places I've always wanted to visit just like how… Continue reading My Kind of Summer


He is my healer

Psalm 147:3 "He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." Lord, I called for You every time I am hurting and down and You never failed to rescue me. You healed all my wounds and fill up the holes in my heart with Your eternal love. You died for me without any questions and… Continue reading He is my healer


Why do we hold on to wrong people?

"We hold on to the wrong people because we hope that they'll change, and we hope they'll treat us right one day. However, we should let go."