SHINee World The Best 2017 ~From Now On~

I was just looking at my calendar to confirm the date for today when I stumble upon the schedule of SHINee for their Japan concert this February 2018. As I saw the schedule I plotted, I am again reminded of the happiness I felt the time this was announced to us and the current gloomy… Continue reading SHINee World The Best 2017 ~From Now On~


SHINee Merch♡

hey there! 👋 it's been a long time since I last posted, how are you? I am posting today coz I can't wait for my pearl aqua stuffs to arrive. 💙  yohooo! Fact: Whenever I see pearl aqua things, I just can't stop myself not to buy. I literally bleed pearl aqua hahaha  Have a… Continue reading SHINee Merch♡